Episode 16 – Dr. Michael Mash – Unleashed Podcast

Recovery after an injury or surgery is a long and process. Physical therapists play a huge role in people’s journey back to pain-free movements and happy life. They guide the patients through every little obstacle on the way and teach them how to enjoy exercises and move safely.

Today’s guest of Unleashed Podcast is Dr. Michael Mash. He is a physical therapist with many years of experience helping people recover from injuries and falling in love with exercise. He noticed that there was a gap between barbell exercises and therapy, which is usually the missing piece in one’s recovery.

This is how Dr. Mash got inspired to create his Barbell Rehab Certification course. The course aims to teach personal trainers and strength coaches how to work with clients that are in pain or have a history of injuries.

Furthermore, it is also a great way to introduce physical therapists to strength training and teach them how to use barbell exercises in their patients’ recovery. The Barbell Rehab Certification course brings together coaches and therapists and shows them a different point of view, where they combine their skills and knowledge.

On the personal trainers’ side, one of the biggest wins about this course is to help coaches realize that there are no ‘bad exercises’ that will bring pain to clients. Deadlifts are not bad for the back and squats don’t hurt the knees. The tricky part is that the movements should be executed correctly and people’s individualities must be taken into account when teaching the right technique.

According to Michael, it is about time to end the myths about complex exercises and start seeing more and more people adding a variety of movements in their workout routine, regardless of previous injuries. Such exercises can bring a significant positive impact to trainees in their recovery state and after.

On the physical therapists’ side, this course brings awareness about barbell movements as a way to boost recovery. Most of the physical therapists don’t use weights in their practice and their facilities don’t even have a barbell. It’s time for a change and incorporating fitness with therapy can bring amazing results to patients.

We are starting to see a nice trend in the physical therapy industry where more and more clinics are adding free weights and squat racks in their facilities. This means that therapists and patients are gaining more knowledge and understanding that weight training can be beneficial when used correctly. Hopefully, this will result in more people becoming passionate about fitness and health.

Moreover, patients aren’t as broken and weak as they think they are. The best way to become more resilient and strong for your daily activities is to start loading things up even in the presence of injury or pain.

The barbell recovery method is different for everyone, depending on whether the patient suffers from an injury, chronic pain, or needs post-surgery recovery. The whole process differs in many ways for the individuals and their previous physical activity and lifestyle should be considered as well.

Besides healing and recovery, the main goal of the barbell rehab method is to empower the patients, help them see their potential, and fire up their passion for weight training.

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