Episode 15 – Mark Diaz – Unleashed Podcast

We all want to feel good in our skin, look fit and healthy, and perform at our best. A combination of proper nutrition, physical activity, and recovery is the key to achieving this.

However, staying on track and hitting your fitness goals becomes more and more difficult as we age. Metabolism and recovery start slowing down significantly after a certain age. This is an inevitable part of life but it doesn’t make your goals impossible – you just have to make more adjustments to your nutrition and training plan.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, host Yuri and guest Mark Diaz discuss how you can stay in the best shape of your life after 50, the importance of developing a strong mindset, and the challenges that older fitness enthusiasts face.

Mark is 57 years old and even though he has been active for many years, he had never paid much attention to his nutrition plan or appearance. One day he decided he wanted to look, move and feel better. This is how he committed to his new fitness goals and completed a couple of transformation challenges. Now he feels amazing about his body, not only because of the lean appearance but also because of the improved nutrition plan that he follows.

Mark admits that he was never as disciplined and devoted as he is now. He learns new things about food, micronutrients, and macronutrients every day while enjoying the process of becoming the best version of himself.

Most people think that in order to be really lean they should be hungry all the time and give up their favorite and not-so-healthy foods. Even though a calorie deficit is important for weight loss, it does not have to be extreme. Mark shares that he still enjoys a pizza, burger, and beer every once in a while but he adjusts his nutrition plan accordingly. As long as you keep up with your workouts and your diet is on point most of the times, eating such foods occasionally won’t erase all of your efforts so far.

Mark really emphasizes on recovery. He says that when you get older, recovery should be your priority in order to stay consistent with your workouts. Visiting the chiropractor more often, eating enough protein, and adding recovery therapies to your routine, such as massages, can make a significant difference in your performance. Remember that investing time and money in your health is always worth it and pays off.

Body and mindset transformation does not happen overnight, especially at older age. Mark’s advice is to find a coach who not only supports you and tells you what to do, but also educates you. Mark worked on his goals with coach Greg McCoy at Hidden Gym.

Greg is a personal trainer with many years of experience and gym owner. He helped Mark adopt new habits and achieve sustainable results. While you are responsible for your success and having a strong mind is crucial, the lessons from a coach save you a lot of time and mistakes, and last a lifetime.

The number one recommendation from Mark is to commit to your goals and align yourself with somebody that you trust and give you good information on nutrition and training. Instead of overthinking and overcomplicating every little detail, just get started and keep putting effort. Once it becomes a habit, eating the right food and working out consistently will feel natural.

Mark proved that it’s never too late to start your fitness transformation and change your life!

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