Episode 14 – Yussef Luna – Unleashed Podcast

Olympic weightlifting is a great way to build muscle, strength, endurance, stability, and power. This sport engages the whole body and helps you lose body fat and improve body composition.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, the guest is Yussef Luna who shares his story about the journey to becoming an Olympic Weightlifting competitor. He is also a personal trainer and Olympic lifting coach. Yuseff and host Yuri cover the importance of proper training and recovery and reveal information on an upcoming Weightlifting seminar at Hidden Gym.

Yussef’s lifting journey began when he was in high school. He first started training CrossFit and then met an inspiring strength coach that suggested he tried Olympic Weightlifting.

Once Yussef got into Olympic Lifting, he started noticing many mistakes CrossFit lifters do. While CrossFit workouts require you to move fast through the exercises and perform as many reps as possible, Olympic Weightlifting focuses on performing each rep with perfect technique and building strength.

Yussef believes that from a biomechanical standpoint, Olympic Lifts are a lot more efficient and natural because you only need to do 1 to 3 reps, you take the time to take a deep breath before each lift, and don’t feel the pressure to do it fast. While CrossFitters can also have a perfect lifting technique, they might not be able to execute it every time throughout their workout, as they have a whole bunch of different movements in a single session, such as sprinting, boxing, rope climbing, jumping, etc.

This increases the chances of injury as the body becomes fatigued and exhausted but you still need to perform the movements as quickly as you can.

Yussef shares that one of the most important aspects of weightlifting is visualization and mental preparation. The heavy lifts are 10% physical strength and 90% mental toughness. You have to want to move this way and visualize success before each lift.

The physical part should consist of a proper training plan and enough recovery. The basic lifts, such as clean and jerk, snatch, power clean, etc., should be trained consistently.

However, other movements contribute to building strength and improving technique as well, so a combination of basics and various exercises is key. Yussef explains that he includes snatch rdls, clean rdls, push press, overhead press, and a lot of pulling movements off the floor. Kettlebell exercises, landmine work, and even cable exercises can also be beneficial for eliminating any imbalances or instabilities.

If you are interested in learning more about weightlifting, improving your technique, or just getting started with it, you can visit the Weightlifting Seminar at Hidden Gym on Sep 18. Yussef and his coach from Atlanta Robert Hall are going to share their knowledge with everyone who joins the event. Robert was a national weightlifting champion back in the early 2000s and understands the sport on a very deep level.

If you are from Allen, Dallas, or Plano, don’t miss the opportunity to attend the seminar and learn from the best.

Besides theoretical explanations of the movements, you’ll have the chance to do some corrective exercises, practice basic lifts and get feedback from Yussef and Robert.

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