Episode 13 – Brian Pickowicz – Unleashed Podcast

The diversity of sports and workouts is fascinating. Whether you are into team sports, bodybuilding, CrossFit, running, HIITs, weightlifting, swimming… there are countless opportunities to be active and enjoy it.

Oftentimes, our passion for a particular sport changes, as we change as well, and it transitions to something different. This is the story of today’s guest of Unleashed Podcast – Brian Pickowicz.

Brian has a background in team sports, including baseball, football, and basketball. After playing football for three semesters in college, his passion for bodybuilding starts growing and he quits the football team. After four years of competing in bodybuilding, he discovers his new passion again – marathon running.

Host Yuri and Brian discuss the process of changing and evolving as an athlete. They also talk about the importance of making transitions and always going after what you want most.

Brian shares that it was not easy to become a runner after being a bodybuilder for so long. He reduced his weight from 230 pounds to 205-210 but this is still way above the average marathon runner’s body weight.

However, he did not give up and managed to complete half marathons, marathons, and even an ultramarathon. An ultramarathon is any race that exceeds the regular marathon distance of 26.2 miles.

Brian completed an ultra marathon of 62.5 miles under 17 hours. He managed to finish 6th out of 13, which is an impressive success not only for a former bodybuilder but for anyone who is into running.

He shares that setting his mindset for success was key in completing the race. Even though a background in bodybuilding does not develop your marathon running skills, according to Brian there were still positive sides to it. The discipline and mental toughness obtained from his experience with bodybuilding and competing helped him a lot through the run.

Despite his lack of solid experience in marathons, period of dehydration, and a knee injury, Brian finished the race strong giving it his best efforts. He admits that he didn’t feel defeated when other racers passed by him, but he knew he would feel defeated if he didn’t push himself as hard as he can. This is how he managed to focus on his thoughts instead of his body’s exhaustion.

Brian’s ultramarathon experience is proof that the mind is so much stronger than we think. Getting clear about your goal and staying focused along the way might sound too simple but it works.

However, his strong mind and willpower are not the only reasons behind Brian’s success. Consistent hard work and preparation are what built the foundation of his accomplishment.

Brian explains that he made many changes to his workout and nutrition plan in order to get ready for the race. He increased his carbs intake, incorporated long-distance runs in his exercise regime, and even took a trip to the place of the race, so he can train there in advance.

Brian’s number 1 tip to everyone transitioning from one sport to another is to build your habits around what you need to. Consistent habits ensure that everything will go smoother.

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