Episode 12 – Aaron Wedel – Unleashed Podcast

Fitness goals take time, patience, dedication, and hard work. While strength and endurance progress are easy to notice during a workout, this is not the case with weight loss and weight gain progress.

To stay on track with your body composition goal, you should have a reliable way to track your results. Most of the time when we want to lose weight and/or build muscle, the scale is not the best measurement tool.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, host Yuri and guest Aaron Wedel talk about the importance of proper body composition evaluation. They discuss two options – hydrostatic body composition assessment and a Fit 3D scanner.

1. Why hydrostatic body composition assessment?

Hydrostatic underwater weighing gives a great understanding of how much lean mass and body fat you have. It can also provide information about how much water you are carrying, which is often an underestimated factor in body composition.

Every measuring method has a certain percentage of error but hydrostatic underwater weighing is considered to be the most accurate test.

For example, if you compare it to the caliper method, which is also known as a pretty accurate test, underwater weighing has e serous edge. While body fat calipers measure only the subcutaneous fat (hence, the visible fat under the skin), hydrostatic weighing gives information about the fat inside your body and by the organs. 

This data can be really beneficial if your goal is to improve your health, decrease your body fat and/or gain muscle. With such accurate measurements you will always know exactly where you are on your journey and save yourself all the guessing and poor estimations.

2. Why Fit 3D body scan?

Another reliable method that Aaron suggests is Fit 3D body scanner. It can be used separately as the only measurement tool to track your progress, or combined with the hydrostatic weighing for maximal accuracy.

The Fit 3D body scanner usually displays higher percentage of body fat, compared to the hydrostatic weighing, but its real advantage is actually the detailed 3D body image it provides. The image and the highly accurate circumference measurements acts as a wake-up call for many people. 

People often underestimate or overestimate their efforts at the gym. As a result of underestimating, you think your body image is further from your goal, than it actually is. This can lead to feeling like nothing works for you and decrease your motivation.

In contrast, when you overestimate your efforts, you might believe that you are a lot closer to where you want to be, while in reality you have more work than you think. This overestimation can impact your workout plan negatively and could result in disappointment.

The body scanner 3D image helps you see the how you really look, motivates you to keep working out, and helps you monitor your efforts.

Note that no matter which method you choose to track your results, you should be consistent with it and always do it on the same time of the day as the first time. 

3. How often should I do body composition testing?

When it comes to frequency of testing, there is no ‘one size fits all’ rule. Some people feel better when they do the tests once every 4 weeks, while others prefer to see bigger changes and perform the tests once every 90 days. It is all about personal preferences, goals, and needs.

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