Episode 0 – Greg McCoy – Introducing Unleashed Podcast

Many people struggle with self-doubt and create limitations for their goals and dreams. Even the most confident-looking person might not be aware of their true potential because of fear and uncertainty.

Unleashed Podcast brought by Hidden Gym is a source for motivation, inspiration and education. The mission of Unleashed Podcast is to help their audience find a way to unleash their hidden strength and potential.

Greg McCoy, owner of Hidden Gym and personal trainer, spends almost each one of his days at the gym. In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, he explains that he hears dozens of incredible transformation stories of strong people that deserve to be shared. These stories brought the idea for the podcast. .

The core goal of the Unleashed Podcast aligns to the goal of Hidden Gym, which is to inspire more people to believe in themselves and let go of limiting factors. The platform allows listeners to relate to other people’s life challenges and learn from their experience.

The host of the podcast, Yuri Diogenes, is a very motivational person himself. Yuri is a former client of Greg and driven by his strong will-power and Greg’s guidance, he managed to lose 100 pounds and adopt fitness and healthy eating as a way of life.

Yuri’s transformation is incredible and you can listen to this podcast episode where he shares his story. He proves that there are no impossible fitness goals and discipline and hard work are the key to achieving anything.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, Greg explains that evolving is a crucial part of his success as a trainer and therefore, the success of his clients. No matter how many years of experience he has, he keeps learning and improving, unleashing more and more of his potential. Here is what he recommends:

  • Read books. Books are a great and accessible way to expand your knowledge and inspire you with new ideas.
  • Surround yourself with people you can learn from. Other people’s experience and influence can help you understand and apply new approaches. People that have been  where you are can play a big role in shaping you as a professional, and point out some of your mistakes.
  • Keep learning. Greg has been a personal trainer for 12 years but he keeps gaining knowledge from different courses, signing up for two new certifications per year. In order to become an expert in a certain area, you should continue educating yourself every chance you have.
  • Try new things. Don’t get married to a single approach, explore new ways to improve and evolve. No matter if it’s about  your workout routine, your diet, or the way you do your job, take the time to experiment with fresh ideas.

Evolving is all about pushing yourself and doing new things that put you outside of your comfort zone. If you don’t want to waste your potential and you are ready to find out how far you can go, make self-growth your priority. Subscribe to the Youtube channel of Hidden Gym and never miss an episode of Unleashed Podcast.

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