Doing it Right Podcast – Greg McCoy

If you are passionate about leadership, you must have heard about Valerie Sokolosky.

Valerie Sokolosky is the author of eight leadership books and is nationally known as an authority on executive presence and personal branding. She is the host of Doing it right Podcast and in this episode, the guest is Greg McCoy – the owner of Hidden Gym and expert in training bodybuilding Olympians.

Greg and Valerie cover a couple of very fascinating topics that can inspire everyone to be a go-getter and work hard towards their goals.

Find your Why

Knowing your deep reason for doing something is what can help you keep going when the journey gets tough.

Taking bodybuilding as an example, everyone has their own reason to get into this sport.

Oftentimes, people start working out in a gym because of insecurity. Maybe they didn’t feel comfortable in their own skin, or they were picked on in school and wanted to get bigger. Whatever it is, bodybuilding makes it possible for these people to overcome their fears, become stronger, and improve their confidence.

Greg shares that he encourages his team of coaches to dig deeper into clients’ Whys. Knowing your deep reason for doing something is what can help you keep going when the journey gets tough.

Discipline beats motivation

Motivation to change is usually what gets people started. However, it is not the force that fuels the whole process.

In the locker rooms of Hidden Gym, there are plasters saying “Discipline beats motivation”. This reminds the clients that motivation comes and goes, but they need to focus on building that discipline. When life gets busy and obstacles come up, discipline will still take them to the gym and help them stay on track with their diet.

Mistakes turn to life lessons

Greg knew he was passionate about bodybuilding and gym ownership ever since he was a teenager. While Hidden Gym has multiple locations now and is a very successful business, Greg’s business journey hasn’t always been easy.

He used to have partners that were older and more experienced than him, so he trusted them with the important decisions, ignoring his own opinion. However, somebody’s experience is never a guarantee for success. Eventually, the business started hitting roadblock after roadblock and Greg had to make the hard decision to leave everything he was working on for the past 10 years.

Even though it was difficult, he trusted God’s plan and took a year off from business, where he only trained clients. When a new opportunity to buy a gym came, he was ready to go for it and this is how Greg and his wife created Hidden Gym.

As Valerie said,

“There are times in our life when things happen and we can only turn to two places – up or in. I think you made the point that turning in isn’t always going to work out but turning up will always take you through.”

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with

Another important topic that Greg and Valerie cover in the podcast is the importance of choosing your surroundings wisely.

Greg took some time to reflect on that and thought about the last 10 years of his life and career. He noticed that the year he had the best results on stage was also the year he was spending most of his time training pro bodybuilders; the year he was spending more time with his friends of faith, his life felt better aligned spiritually; the year he was around the wrong business partners he noticed that some negative qualities started coming out.

After doing this exercise, he chose the top 5 people that had a good influence on his life and invited them for lunch, one at a time. He told them that he’d like to see them more often from now on and that they can learn from each other.

This simple exercise is a great leadership lesson for everyone looking for a way to become a better version of themselves.

If you want to learn more about leadership, discipline, and taking action definitely listen to the full episode of Doing it right! The conversation between Valerie and Greg is beyond interesting and it will definitely leave you inspired with new ideas.

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