Do you read nutrition labels?

Physical activity is an essential part of staying healthy and being in shape. Thanks to sports and movement, we can see what our body is capable of and shape it the way we want.

However, no matter what type of workouts you decide to do, the only way to get the maximum of your efforts is to pay attention to your diet as well.

Movement and healthy eating go hand in hand and consistency with both can guarantee amazing results.

Reading the nutrition labels of the food we choose is important for anyone looking to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Greg McCoy, who is a personal trainer with more than 10 years of experience and the owner of Hidden Gym, talks more about this topic on Sirius XM Channel 146 Road Dog Trucking.

Here are the Top 6 tips that Greg recommends to follow when shopping for groceries. 

1 – Don’t pay too much attention to the front of the label. 

The front label is where all the marketing is. This is what sells the product, so you shouldn’t be too concerned about it.

2 – The two places you want to look at are the nutrition facts and the ingredients list. 

The nutrition facts are one of the most important things about the food you buy because it gives you information about the macronutrients you are going to fill your body with.

3 – Keep in mind that the ingredients are listed in the order that they’re used the most. 

Whatever is listed first, that’s what is most in the product. For example, if you pick up a barbecue sauce, ingredient number one would probably be brown sugar. Ask yourself if you want to pour 40 grams of brown sugar on your healthy chicken dish next time you’re buying these kinds of sauces.

4 – Check the sugar content on the drinks you take. 

Many people don’t even realize that they consume a lot of calories from sugary drinks. If you can’t stay away from soft drinks, choose the diet options. The diet options usually come with some of those ingredients that you don’t recognize. However, diabetes and heart health are what’s killing Americans, not Splenda. It’s much better to “risk it” with Splenda and have a zero-calorie drink and lose weight than consume that much sugar on a daily basis.

5 – Know how many calories you should be eating. 

If your goal is to lose weight, knowing the calorie range you should stay in is essential. You can’t make progress if you don’t know how much to eat. The general rule for determining your calories for the day when trying to lose weight is to simply multiply your weight by 10 to 12. Don’t go under 10 because this would leave you with too little food, and if you have a fast metabolism you can multiply your weight by up to 14.

6 – Be aware of “fat-free” labels. 

In order for a product to be labeled as fat-free, there should be less than a half gram of fat per serving. However, check out what the serving size is according to that label. What happens often is that they make the serving size so small that it’s not feasible to eat that little amount, and thus, you end up eating a lot more fat than you think.

Do you want to listen to the full interview with Greg and learn more about proper nutrition and food labels? You can do that on Youtube.

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