Coach’s Corner – 4 Tips for Success in the New Year

Happy New Year from the Hidden Gym Training Team! We are excited to serve your needs as you strive to reach your goals in the New Year! Whether it’s in person at one of our gyms, or by shooting us an email at Info@HiddenGym.Net, please never hesitate to ask for help.

As you dive into attacking your goals for 2024, keep yourself on the path to success with these tips!

Set Specific Goals
Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! One of the best ways to prepare for the New Year is to set clear specific goals. Instead of saying, “I want to lose weight” as a goal, make that goal specific. Break it down into weekly and daily tasks. “I will work out 4 days per week for one hour, walk outside for 30 minutes per day, and limit my alcohol consumption to two drinks per week” is an example of a specific and well broken down goal.

Stay Patient
It’s easy to get into your own head, to start doubting yourself or losing patience. It’s important to manage your expectations and have patience in the process of achieving your goals. Remember that you didn’t get to a place of needing to make a change overnight. You got to that place over the course of time and as a result of multiple decisions. The process of change is the same way, it will take time and consistency of making the right decisions.

Build A Support Network
Whether it’s family and friends, or fellow gym members, having accountability partners, and people that help you check in on your progress and consistency, is a major key to success. You and your friends can provide encouragement and support to each other as you work through the process of change together. All of the studies list accountability and strong support networks as major keys to success on a fitness journey.

Review Your Goals Regularly
As you get deeper into the New Year, different demands of work, family, and life will come up and distract you from your goals. As this happens, it can be extremely helpful to review your goals to remind yourself of the resolutions you’ve made. Try typing your resolutions into a notes document on your smartphone, screenshotting it, and setting it as a lockscreen. Then when you look at your phone, you can be reminded of these goals!


by Hidden Gym Trainer Rob Hines