Childhood Obesity – Need to Know Radio Interview – Greg McCoy

Over the last two centuries, life expectancy has doubled in many countries worldwide. However, very disturbing statistics reveal that children in America are trending towards becoming the first generation to live less longer than their parents.

Greg McCoy, the owner of Hidden Gym and healthy living expert, joins the “Need to Know” Radio and talks about childhood obesity and the importance of PE classes in school.

Nowadays, we know more than ever about obesity and its causes. We don’t have to study the negative health effects related to smoking, fast food, bad diet, and lack of exercise because there’s already tons of research on these topics. Yet, we’re still trending in the wrong direction and people are getting less healthy.

According to Greg, the childhood population is at an even higher risk of developing health issues from poor lifestyle choices. Being inactive at an early age and consuming too much sugar and processed foods is not an ideal way to grow up.

Аdults are supposed to take care of children, educate them, and help them develop the right habits. While parents should teach the kids self-responsibility, their teachers at school play a very important role too.

Unfortunately, there’re a lot of school budget cuts, which makes it more difficult to invest in healthy lifestyle education. However, there are some solutions that are not expensive and can really make a difference.

Focusing on the right Physical Education topics is one of these solutions.

It is great that kids get to play sports during these classes, but once they graduate, less than 5% of adults participate in organized sports. Children graduate school having never been taught how to exercise as adults and this is a big problem.

Physical Education needs to be about teaching the youth how to be healthy once they leave school, not how to play football, and dodgeball. These sports are fun but they are not life skills. Essential things and habits, such as how to do resistance training and the importance of taking walks every day should be the primary focus of PE classes. This would ensure that when the children leave school, they will have a foundation of basic healthy habits in place that they can continue building on.

Greg also brings up an interesting point about the lack of consistency with some of the activities in school. This could be one of the reasons for children not enjoying exercise. It takes time, practice, and repetition to become good at something, and then, to like it.

For example, if your teacher makes you run only twice a year, you won’t be really good at it, and you probably won’t start jogging on a daily basis. However, if you’re encouraged to stay consistent with a certain activity at school and you start getting better at it, chances are, you might start enjoying it and make it a habit.

This approach can help children establish a healthy relationship with exercise and they will be a lot more likely to continue being active as adults.

Make sure to listen to the full interview with Greg for more tips on how to help children stay active!

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