Change Your Habits. Change Your Life.

Written by: Chris Prosser

There is no shortage of “the best” training and nutrition programs available today. If you don’t believe copy and paste that phrase into Google and tell me how many results you get.

Lack of access to programs and information is not the reason why people aren’t hitting their health and fitness goals… so what is?

Their habits.

It is very rare to come across a program nowadays, especially from online coaching gurus, that emphasize the most important part of your fitness journey – habit and behavior change.

Your routine of habits and your natural response (behaviors) are likely the two most important factors in the success of any type of program, so why are more people not focusing on it? My guess is that it is not as sexy to tell someone to stop eating midnight snacks as it would be to tell them that if they fast for 18 hours they’ll magically lose 20 pounds of fat.

Check out my top 3 habits I believe EVERYONE (regardless of experience level or goal) need to develop in order to find success in and out of the gym.

  1. Start your day with 10-15 minutes of intentional movement. This could be going on a brisk walk around the block, doing a moderate intensity circuit of bodyweight exercises, or anything else you can easily fit into your morning. By starting off with intentional exercise, you are setting yourself up to have a productive day!
  2. Stop skipping meals and create a consistent eating pattern. When you have an inconsistent eating schedule, it becomes much easier to fall off track due to flat out being hungry or being rushed for time.
  3. Journal every day. Whether it is about fitness or life, journaling can help bring clarity to what you are trying to accomplish and also serve as a form of accountability and motivation when things get hard, it helps to go back and see that generally there are more days when you are on track and killing it rather than being off.

Implement these three habits ASAP and let me know in a few weeks what sort of improvements you notice!

Stay Healthy & God Bless,
Coach Chris