Change Your Habits. Change Your Life.

Written by: Chris Prosser

There is no shortage of “the best” training and nutrition programs available today. If you don’t believe copy and paste that phrase into Google and tell me how many results you get.

Lack of access to programs and information is not the reason why people aren’t hitting their health and fitness goals… so what is?

Their habits.

It is very rare to come across a program nowadays, especially from online coaching gurus, that emphasize the most important part of your fitness journey – habit and behavior change.

Your routine of habits and your natural response (behaviors) are likely the two most important factors in the success of any type of program, so why are more people not focusing on it? My guess is that it is not as sexy to tell someone to stop eating midnight snacks as it would be to tell them that if they fast for 18 hours they’ll magically lose 20 pounds of fat.

Check out my top 3 habits I believe EVERYONE (regardless of experience level or goal) need to develop in order to find success in and out of the gym.

  1. Start your day with 10-15 minutes of intentional movement. This could be going on a brisk walk around the block, doing a moderate intensity circuit of bodyweight exercises, or anything else you can easily fit into your morning. By starting off with intentional exercise, you are setting yourself up to have a productive day!
  2. Stop skipping meals and create a consistent eating pattern. When you have an inconsistent eating schedule, it becomes much easier to fall off track due to flat out being hungry or being rushed for time.
  3. Journal every day. Whether it is about fitness or life, journaling can help bring clarity to what you are trying to accomplish and also serve as a form of accountability and motivation when things get hard, it helps to go back and see that generally there are more days when you are on track and killing it rather than being off.

Implement these three habits ASAP and let me know in a few weeks what sort of improvements you notice!

Stay Healthy & God Bless,
Coach Chris

5 Fun Fitness Activities in Allen Texas

Allen is a city in Texas, which offers a wide variety of fun activities. No matter if you are new to town, or just passing by, you will definitely find something interesting to do.

If you are an athlete or just a more active person that loves to move, here are top 5 fitness activities in Allen that are suitable for anyone, seeking to have a good time.

1 – Wakeboarding

If you are looking for a cool adventure in the water, you should visit Hydrous Wake Park. This place is one of the very few cable wakeboarding in the USA and is great for both beginners and advanced wakeboarders.

There is an Aqua Park and a Main Cable zone, where you can spend time mastering new skills and learning fun tricks. The park offers private lessons, summer camps, and gift cards, if you want to make an unique present to a loved one.

2 – Hiking and biking

Is there a better way to explore a new city than biking? With more than 60 miles of paved hike and bike trails, Allen continues to develop a complete city-wide trade system.

If you want to get to know the city and feel its vibe, pick a route and start your journey! There are a few loops that you can choose from:

  • Allen Parkway Loop – main loop 14 miles and includes Ridgeview, Rowlett Creek, Cottonwood Creek, and Mustang;
  • Cottonwood Creek Loop – 7 miles;
  • Rowlett Creek Loop – 9 miles;
  • Watters Branch Loop – 10 miles.

3 – Trampoline park

Visiting a trampoline park guarantees nothing but fun! There are tons of games and activities, appropriate for anyone – from very young children to adults, everybody is welcome!

Urban Air Adventure Park offers a wide variety of attractions, such as Warrior obstacle course, Spin zone bumper cars, Sky rider, Adventure hub, Walls climbing, Wipeout, Battle beam, Tubes playground, and much, much more! The place is great for celebrating your kid’s birthday, participating in group events, or just have a great day exploring new skills!

4 – Skate park

If one of your hobbies is skateboarding, in line skating, riding a BMX bike or a scooter, then you should visit The Edge Skate Park in Allen! With an area of 37, 915 square-foot, the skate  park is one of the largest in Texas.

Some of the elements there include street fixtures, boxes, rails, ledges, large bank slope areas for beginners, and a wide variety of bowls and transitions. The facility is lighted and there is restroom access and water fountains on the east side of the youth center.  Sport enthusiasts of all ages and skills-levels are welcome to practice during the hours of operation, everyday from 8am to 11 pm.

5 – Allen ice skate rink

Do you practice  ice skating, hockey, or figure skating? Have you always wanted to try? If yes, come take a look at Allen Community Ice Rink!

The ice rink has a surface of 85 feet by 200 feet and a seating capacity for over 300 spectators. The facilities include locker rooms, Pro Shop, skate sharpening, meeting rooms, skate rentals and off-ice training areas. No matter if you are a complete beginner in ice skating, or an advanced athlete, you will love the skate rink. The rink is also available for rentals for parties!

By now you should be convinced to visit Allen and willing to try these fun fitness activities. In case you are up for a workout at a gym, group workout, or want to try boxing, do not hesitate to visit us at Hidden Gym!

In our fully equipped gym we have only one mission – to bring out the fittest versions of our clients! If you are ever coming around Allen, Dallas, or Plano, you are more than welcome to come for a workout, or to become a member!