The Mindset Podcast – Episode 4

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to be successful and build a good reputation? The short answer for this is simple – maintain your integrity.

While integrity is not something you build in a day, it is a quality that is valued highly by others. And the people who value integrity are the ones you want to be around.

Doing the right thing no matter what is the only way to become a person of integrity.

In the fourth episode of The Mindset Podcast, hosts Greg and Steven discuss the importance of having strong moral principles and how they improve the quality of life.

In the fourth episode of The Mindset Podcast, hosts Greg and Steven discuss the importance of having strong moral principles and how they improve the quality of life.

As Steven says in the podcast, “You only have ONE reputation”. So, you’d better take good care of it.

Greg explains that the lifelong advice he’s been following is “Do the right thing, even when nobody is watching”.

He says that staying a decent person has paid off many times and what comes around goes back around eventually. No matter what world religion you subscribe to, or if you are none, we all agree that there’s reciprocity in the way you act, and then what happens to you for the rest of your life.

Steven shares an interesting story about the beginning of his career when they bought the supplement brand MAN Sports. They had only one product back then and one buyer – Marvin, owner of Vitamin Shop. One day he told Steven that his product is not doing a good job and it was not selling at their stores.

Instead of telling him to change the promotion and keep buying the product, Steven decided to be honest with him and told him that the product is not a good fit for his store. He advised the only buyer he had to stop buying his product.

Steven also told Marvin that once he has a good product for his store, he would give him a call.

A few months later, when Steven introduced his new product to Marvin, he bought it without doubting its quality, because he knew that Steven would always be honest and straightforward with him.

Twenty-four months later, Steven’s product became the number one selling testosterone booster nationwide at Vitamin Shop.

What we can learn from this story is that other people’s respect and trust are earned with openness, and it’s always worth it in the end. Treating people right, even when it hurts your business and wallet, is the only way to maintain your integrity.

Another good point that Greg brings is that when you have a reputation for behaving with honesty, you attract like-minded people. People that share the same moral values as you would be naturally drawn to you in your working space and in the places that you visit. It’s so much better to live your life that way, instead of watching your back and worrying that someone’s going to come and haunt you from your past.

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The Mindset Podcast – Episode 3

Have you ever heard the expression “It’s never a good time to start?”

When you think about it there is literally no reason not to agree with it.

Yet, so many people “wait for the right moment” when they need to get out of their comfort zones and take action towards something challenging.

Whether you are on the fence about starting a business, a fitness journey, or a family, you will inevitably ask yourself “Is this the right time or I should wait?”.

In this episode of The Mindset Podcast, hosts Greg and Steven talk about the importance of just getting started.

You’ll never know enough; you will never have enough experience and things will never be right. However, you should have enough confidence in yourself to figure it out as you go and simply start learning.

You can always make up for the things you don’t know with hard work.

As mental performance coach Brian Cain says, “The start is what stops most people”. So don’t be one of those people who never even try.

The only thing you need to do before you take the first step is to acknowledge that your goal is difficult, and it scares you, but you’re going to accomplish it anyway. This is how courage is built.

The uncomfortable truth is that if you don’t get some failures under your belt, you’ll never learn anything. Remember that the wisest man in the room is the one who failed the most.

People are usually scared to initiate a change because they are afraid to fail. Nobody wants to feel stupid or disappointed with themselves. So, what’s the first step to take to make a change?

According to Greg, figuring out what the smallest step you can take is, and then taking it is the best way to start. No need to do something huge at the beginning. Just take a small step, and then another one, and start to build some momentum.

Mental performance research studies have shown that motivation comes from action. It will never come to you if you just sit and wait until you feel motivated. You should be courageous to begin taking action towards what you want. This will inspire and motivate you to continue taking bigger steps and more risks.

Another interesting point that Steven brings is that there isn’t a single “original” idea out there. There’s no actual original idea that you have, or anybody in this world has. Everybody’s had that same idea so many times. But the person who puts in the work and executes is the one who wins in the end.

Focus on executing your idea without waiting and overthinking it. During that process, you’ll figure out how to be the best at it.

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Success Superstars – Taking Care of Your Health – Greg McCoy

Success Superstars is your go-to place for inspiration from peak performers just like you! The podcast aims to provide a platform to share best practices and success across JPAR teams, agents, and staff.

Want to know more about JPAR?

JPAR Real Estate is a company that is famous for its high productivity and outstanding service. It has gone from the #1 independently and privately held brokerage in Texas to the fastest-growing 100% commission brokerage and franchise in the USA.

In this episode 226, guest Greg McCoy, personal trainer and gym owner, talks about the importance of health and wellness and how it can skyrocket the productivity of entrepreneurs.

According to Mark Johnson, host of the podcast and president of JPAR Real Estate, the five words ‘’I don’t feel like it” can kill more dreams and ideas than any other behavior.

Greg shares that “Discipline over motivation” is their motto in the gym and it helps clients and members adopt that mindset. Even though he has been competing in bodybuilding for 15 years and truly loves the sport, there are days when he doesn’t feel like working out either. But on days like that, he punches the clock and gets it done.

Because doing the things you need to do, when you don’t feel like doing them, separates the people who get results from those who don’t. 

During the podcast, Greg also answers some key questions that can help anyone who is ready to divorce their excuses and make fitness a lifestyle.

What is the optimal diet to lose weight?

There are so many research studies on the topic and they’ve essentially determined there’s not a single most optimal diet. People who want to lose weight just need to reduce calories and how they do it over enough time isn’t all that important.

The most significant success factors for weight loss turn out to be preparing meals in advance and a daily checklist. It’s those simple behavioral traits that do far more than a perfectly laid out meal plan.

How crucial is sleep for reaching fitness goals?

Getting enough sleep is one of the hardest, easy pieces of advice you’ll ever get. To sleep more sounds simple but it’s often the first thing to neglect when life gets busy.

However, sleep is not something you can skip if you really want to lose weight and/or build muscle and strength. If you’re doing things right in the gym, you break down your body in a way, and then it grows back stronger. If you don’t get adequate rest, it’s not going to repair itself and you won’t be fully recovered. Make sure to prioritize your sleep and maintain good sleep hygiene.

And what about the other easy but underrated habit – drinking enough water?

Hydration plays a huge role too in the way we move.

Even a 5% dehydration can lead to a 20% performance decline. Remember that a hydrated muscle is a well-performing muscle, so simply drink your water.

What’s the distinction between clients that always have excuses versus those that have the breakthrough?

What’s interesting is that high-performing professionals usually do the same things over and over again.

Consistency is the thing that really separates the people who have the breakthrough apart from the people with excuses. They always make time for working on their goals and just make it happen.

For example, if they are busy during their lunch hour, they wake up at 5 AM and come to do their workout.

That’s how successful people got to where they are. They apply that same discipline to different areas of their lives, such as their career, relationships, personal development, etc. When you want to be good at something and achieve great results, you have to be disciplined and willing to do the things you don’t feel like doing. There is no easy way out nor a shortcut.

Remember that to be in shape you need to do a few simple things consistently, rather than be perfect with your workout and diet plan for a few days. Commit to one small and easy step and then take it up a level. This is the most sustainable way to do it.

If you are from Allen, Dallas, or Plano you can come to one of the Hidden Gym’s locations and work with an experienced coach who can teach you how to develop the right habits and make long-lasting changes. If you live anywhere else in the world, there is a way to work with the right coaches too – Hidden Gym’s trainers work with people worldwide online.

Accountability is a big factor in building discipline, so don’t wait any longer and start your fitness journey today! Get a free day pass for the gym here or reach out to us to become a remote client!

The Mindset Podcast – Episode 2

The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves shape our confidence.

Our mindset can be our best friend who supports us and help us make everything possible, or it can be our biggest sabotager. If we are not careful with our thoughts, they can create false self barricades that hold us back.

In this episode of The Mindset Podcast, business owners Greg and Steven talk about the importance of uplifting self-talk.

Greg finds mental performance coaching to be extremely important. Greg is a personal trainer and the owner of Hidden Gym. He shares that the whole team of trainers works with mental performance coaches because helping members and clients achieve their goals comes down to the mental game. That’s also the reason they created Unleashed Podcast where they discuss similar topics and educate the listeners on mental toughness, and motivate them to set big goals.

The environment you surround yourself with is another crucial aspect in improving your mental game and setting bigger goals. If you see something happening you believe it’s possible.

For example, if you work out at a cheap $10/month gym, the people who train there are probably not the most motivated ones to achieve outstanding results. If these $10 that the members pay for the gym doesn’t matter much to them, they don’t feel like they have invested anything in that membership, and therefore, they are a lot more likely to skip workouts anytime they don’t feel like it. Furthermore, if you are the hardest working person there, you won’t be challenged by others to achieve greater goals.

In contrast, if you decide to work out in a gym with hard-working individuals who compete in sports, prioritize their training and nutrition over short-term distractions, and are determined to get even better results, this would motivate you to do your best too. You will see those other humans who are just like you, defeating their excuses and tapping into their greatest potential. Chances are, you will be excited to go to that gym, learn from these people, and grow with them.

If you look at the people you see as successful and they live a life you want to live, you should ask yourself this – “What’s the difference between you and them?”.

And here is the awesome part, there is absolutely no difference! You are a human, just like them, and if they can do it, so can you!

What you should change though, is what you tell yourself about yourself. Get rid of the habit of thinking small and erase the word “I can’t” from your mind. This might be easier said than done and it certainly takes time and effort, but just like with everything in life, you should be consistent.

You should practice self-awareness and change your inner dialogue every time you catch yourself drowning in destructive thoughts. You are responsible for your own success and everything starts with your mind and thoughts.

Remember that if you are comfortable you are probably setting too small goals for yourself.

Steven shares a very good example of growth. For a lobster to grow it has to break through its shell. The lobster literally gets uncomfortable, breaks through the shell, and continues growing.

The boundaries we create for ourselves are no different than the lobsters’ shells. The only way to keep on growing is to break them.

Listen to the full episode of The Mindset Podcast here for more inspiration and motivation for growth!

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Episode 32 – Rob Hines – Unleashed Podcast

Graduating from college and starting a career in the corporate sector might be a good path for many. However, if you are not passionate about your work, it would always feel like there is something else for you that you should be doing.

This is the case with today’s guest of Unleashed Podcast Rob Hines. Rob made the transition to the fitness industry and shares his experience with it and how he found that personal training is what he truly loves to do. He also explains the importance of the individual approach toward each client and how setting realistic expectations can play a key role in the client’s motivation.

After graduating from college in Wisconsin, Rob started working for a marketing company. He has always been interested in fitness and started doing some personal training on the side when he had the time. Rob noticed that every time he was training with a client, or when a friend was asking him questions about fitness, he would light up and become really excited to help.

This is how he found out that he wants to do personal training full time and decided to focus on that. Rob also always knew that he didn’t want to stay in Wisconsin permanently and liked the south better. He was drawn to Texas and after visiting it twice in the summer of 2020 he decided to move there.

Shortly after that, Greg contacted him and Rob is now a full-time personal trainer at Hidden Gym.

Rob picks up clients quickly and the training sessions are enjoyable for him and for the clients. He shares that building a good connection with the people and using an individual approach toward each client is what makes his coaching so successful.

Proper assessment is another important aspect of his personal training style. According to Rob, the coach should be able to meet the client at their level and help them build up on that. If the client has no prior experience, the coach should guide them while building the foundations.

Moreover, setting the right expectations can also play a key role in the client’s transformation. They should know what a realistic goal is. Most people have too high expectations, especially the ones that never worked out before. Even if they are putting tons of effort into their training and diet, change does not happen overnight. A good coach helps the clients set doable goals and shift their focus to their performance progress, which is something that many people tend to neglect.

Rob also participated in a few bodybuilding competitions. He shares that even though he couldn’t get placed, he learned a lot from this experience and would definitely try competing again in a few years. The discipline he developed over the course of the contest prep is really valuable and it is what shapes an athlete into a winner.

Sometimes, there are lessons we need to learn first before we are ready to get where we want to be. Rob’s story is an example of someone who goes after his goals and does not settle for anything that he is not passionate about.

If you want to listen to the full inspirational episode of Unleashed Podcast, you can do that on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple.

If you want to train in a motivating environment and meet Rob and other awesome people, come for a visit at one of the Hidden Gym’s locations. Still not a member? You can get your free day pass here!

Episode 31 – Omar Aguirre – Unleashed Podcast

Like with any other industry, the fitness industry changes over time.

In this episode of Unleashed Podcast, the guest Omar Aguirre talks in detail about that. He has been in the fitness industry since the early 90s and has witnessed many changes in the trends.

Omar started his career in fitness as a personal trainer at the beginning of the 90s. He shares that he was one of the lucky few that was part of an acquisition when 24 Hour Fitness First came into town. He worked for them for approximately 22 years.

For the first 10 years, Omar was more on the fitness side of the house as a fitness manager, fitness operator, and regional educator. After that, he transitioned over to the management side on the sales side and club operation. Gaining experience in both sides of fitness made Omar an expert in the industry.

One of the interesting things that Omar and host Yuri discuss during the podcast is how different gyms have to be now compared to when he started his career.

When we think of how we function nowadays, we do everything through our phones. We do so many things online, including shopping, finding information, managing payments, and communicating with others… The convenience factor is always there.

According to Omar, the most successful gym clubs now are the ones that had adopted the technology factor. Gym members always wanted to feel connected and a part of a community. After the pandemic happened, this need for connection really increased and people want to have a strong feeling of belongingness.

Technology has allowed us to feel connected, no matter where we are. Even if the people aren’t present in the club, they can still feel part of it. In Hidden Gym, for example, people receive information through the app and this helps them feel more connected even when they are not physically present in the gym.

While the COVID pandemic was difficult for both gym members and business owners, Omar shares that there are opportunities in every crisis. He believes that the pandemic was a time for business owners to become more open-minded and seek new ways to improve and adapt.

However, those who were creative and adaptive before the pandemic were definitely a lot more successful.

Being innovative in your business all the time is like taking care of your health and fitness on both good and bad days. Nobody wants to join a gym when their doctor says that they really need to, right? They wish they had started earlier and built the foundation.

It’s the same with having a business in the fitness industry and facing a crisis. Those who were used to making changes, and were always striving for improvement, handled the situation much better than those who had to make a change when they were forced to.

The companies that were always trying to innovate and bring something new were the ones that got the maximum out of the situation. Many of them already had an online presence, and online classes, and were trying to interact with their members outside of the gym. This is why when the pandemic happened, they managed to come up with a plan quickly and saw opportunities in the difficulties.

The business owners that found a way to be successful during the crisis are the proof that when one door closes another one opens. If you want to hear more about that, listen to the whole episode of Unleashed Podcast with Omar Aguirre. You can do that on Youtube, Apple, and Spotify.

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The Mindset Podcast – Episode 1

Welcome to the Mindset Podcast with Steven Salmon and Greg McCoy.

The mindset is what determines one’s success or failure. If we can’t control our mindset, we can’t control anything at all.

In the first episode of the podcast, Steven and Greg talk about leadership. They are both business owners and share the unpopular opinion – not all leaders lead

While this might some controversial at first glance, the only way to teach the employees new concepts and skills is when you take the back seat and let them try.

Every CEO should aim to have people in their companies that are leaders, that can think independently and make decisions. Even if not leading means watching your employees make mistakes you could’ve prevented, with the right guidance they will learn and will be able to do more and more things by themselves.

Why leaders should be available instead of busy all the time

If you’re doing everything by yourself you can end up burnt out and lose your drive to accomplish new things. Nobody can be great at everything and this is why teamwork makes the dream work. We all have limited time and energy each day and it should be used wisely.

Leaders should not do everything by themselves but they should be available whenever a problem occurs.

Greg shares that the more things his employees learn to do by themselves, the more free time he can have, which makes him always accessible to his staff. Being available for your team when they need help is essential if you want to create a safe and supportive work environment.

Adopting this leadership approach might be difficult for people who have an achiever type of personality. Usually, leaders want to be busy all the time and achieve more and more things every day. However, this makes them unavailable to their staff, and if a leader is too busy to offer advice, they are failing at their job.

No matter how uncomfortable slow schedules might feel, availability is one of the most important qualities of a leader. Being around to help your employees, finding solutions together, and coaching them is what makes the difference between telling someone what to do and teaching them how to do it.

The first approach creates employees that follow instructions blindly, while the second one creates skilled and motivated staff that keeps evolving.

The most famous analogy from the animal kingdom is the wolf pack. The lead wolf is always at the back of the pack but he is always available and ready to step in and lead.

Listen to the full episode of the mindset podcast for more inspiration and insights on leadership!

Filmed At: MAN Sports

Mindset Podcast on Youtube

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Episode 30 – Brad Holt – Unleashed Podcast

There are many things that are important for a good gym – friendly staff, a motivating environment, a clean and big area, and of course, great equipment.

Hidden Gym is so awesome because you can find all of these things combined together in a single place. The equipment at Hidden Gym is provided by a leading brand on the market – Arsenal Strength.

The guest of this episode of Unleashed Podcast is the vice president of sales at Arsenal Strength Brad Holt. Brad has 15 years of experience in the industry and he shares his insights with host Yuri.

Here are some of the questions that Brad answered during the episode.

What makes Arsenal Strength stand out from the other brands on the market? 

One of the things that makes Arsenal Strength so different than the rest is that our equipment was built by people who actually enjoy strength training. We know what people who love to do resistance training need, and we know how to make their training more efficient.

Unlike other products on the market that focus mostly on cardio machines, we’re committed to making the best possible strength equipment that we can.

Can you explain a little bit more about this process? How long does it usually take for the design to become a product?

It takes us about a year to go from an idea to being able to put a product out in the marketplace. Our brand and the audience we represent are very important to us. There’s a high standard to uphold and we’re not going to throw something out there, just for the sake of making sales.

For example, last week we released a leg extension seated leg curl combo. We went through nine prototypes on that piece before we actually signed off on it. Delivering high-quality products is a number one priority and we take our time to refine our ideas and products.

Where is the main facility for your showroom?

Our main showroom is in Knoxville, Tennessee. If someone’s interested in coming and trying the product before purchasing, they can come there and take a look at the things we have.

Anyone can reach out to us via email –

People are welcome to come and train on every piece that we make, and experience the environment at the showroom. They can also see how we do the gym design aspect and tie everything all together.

If someone can’t make it to Knoxville, Tennessee, we have a satellite showroom in Las Vegas that’s tied to the Dragon’s Lair. It’s a separate facility within the Dragon’s Lair that has a limited product offering there but we can still hold meetings and discuss the details. Furthermore, the Dragon’s Lair has every equipment piece as well so we are still able to show the products.

Do you already have a lineup to choose from for people to buy? And if they buy, how long does it take for them to receive?

We quote around a 24-week lead time because the raw materials and resources are a little bit limited.

If someone goes on our website and builds a quote, one of our sales team members will reach out to them. We prefer this approach instead of simply adding a product to a cart and purchasing. This way we can talk to the customers, help them choose the best equipment for their facility, and make sure that they are aware of the delivery time.

Do you want to listen to the full episode of Unleashed Podcast and learn more about Arsenal Strength Equipment? You can do that on Youtube, Apple, and Spotify!

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Episode 29 – Derek Owens – Unleashed Podcast

Powerlifting and strongman training are popular sports in the fitness world. They both require strength, power, and determination. But what is the difference between the two and what is the best way to avoid injuries when you lift heavy stuff?

Derek Owens is the guest in this episode of Unleashed Podcast and he is here to answer these and many other questions. Derek has made the transition from powerlifting to a strongman competitor and has learned tons of valuable lessons along the way.

Derek and Greg McCoy are organizing the 13th Show of Strength soon at Hidden Gym, so if you are from Allen, Dallas, or Plano, make sure you don’t miss it!

He shares that this is going to be the biggest show they’ve had so far. There’s going to be a full-blown strongman competition and powerlifting competition this year with two platforms on the powerlifting show.

Furthermore, there are going to be many different divisions and anyone can have the opportunity to compete, no matter the weight, gender, size, or shape!

Here are some of the questions that Derek and host Yuri discuss in the podcast. 

What are the divisions in strongman competition? 

There are a couple of different ones but mainly they are divided into different weight classes. Within the weight classes, there’re even novice divisions as well as masters divisions. There’re masters 40+and 50+ so there’s an array of weight classes and different divisions that anybody can sign up for.

What are the obstacles that competitors would have to overcome during the show?

Usually, when the show is being created it’s already clear what kind of events there will be. There can be a collection of different types of events from static deadlifts, to some types of moving events. However, in some shows, there can be a mystery event and it does keep a lot of competitors on their toes.

Unlike powerlifting, where the competition is always a squat, bench press, and deadlift, the strongman competition brings a lot of different aspects from different sports. Strongman requires competitors to be not only strong, but also dynamic, explosive, and fast.

Does having powerlifting experience help with strongman performance? 

Absolutely yes! The more static strength you have, the easier it would be to perform the movements. Having a really good background in powerlifting can be a great foundation to be an adequate and impressive strongman.

Lifting heavy for a long period of time takes a toll on your joints. How do you stay healthy in this sport?

I take my recovery very seriously. If I’m not focusing on a competition, I don’t ego lift throughout the whole year. I take it easy and stay really light. Those downtimes allow me to put more into my actual prep and to push myself as hard as I can.

In other words, I focus on recovering just as much as I do on training.

How do you continue to build strength, while lifting lighter and recovering? 

The offseason for me is an opportunity to focus on technique. I drill down my technique and you can’t drill down on any technique going too heavy, right? No matter if you’re doing bodybuilding, powerlifting weightlifting, or strongman, if you’re going too heavy to focus on your form, nothing’s actually going to improve.

So I use these lighter workouts to slow down my movements. I focus a lot of time under tension and I hammer down my technique. This way when I go back into my next strength peak, I’m ready. I’m better than ever, and I don’t have to worry about my form not being there.

Do you also implement some sort of bands workouts during your offseason?

Yes, absolutely. I do reverse banded movements, or even counter banded movements that help increase the tension as you go through it overloading. There’s always a way to go heavier without actually adding more weight. Utilizing bands for deadlifts, squats and pressing is an amazing way to help your body take that leap in the offseason.

Do you want to listen to the full episode of Unleashed Podcast with Derek Owens and learn more tips for powerlifting and strongman training? You can do that on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Show of Strength at Hidden Gym and if you are still not a member of the gym, you can get a free day pass here!

Doing it Right Podcast – Greg McCoy

If you are passionate about leadership, you must have heard about Valerie Sokolosky.

Valerie Sokolosky is the author of eight leadership books and is nationally known as an authority on executive presence and personal branding. She is the host of Doing it right Podcast and in this episode, the guest is Greg McCoy – the owner of Hidden Gym and expert in training bodybuilding Olympians.

Greg and Valerie cover a couple of very fascinating topics that can inspire everyone to be a go-getter and work hard towards their goals.

Find your Why

Knowing your deep reason for doing something is what can help you keep going when the journey gets tough.

Taking bodybuilding as an example, everyone has their own reason to get into this sport.

Oftentimes, people start working out in a gym because of insecurity. Maybe they didn’t feel comfortable in their own skin, or they were picked on in school and wanted to get bigger. Whatever it is, bodybuilding makes it possible for these people to overcome their fears, become stronger, and improve their confidence.

Greg shares that he encourages his team of coaches to dig deeper into clients’ Whys. Knowing your deep reason for doing something is what can help you keep going when the journey gets tough.

Discipline beats motivation

Motivation to change is usually what gets people started. However, it is not the force that fuels the whole process.

In the locker rooms of Hidden Gym, there are plasters saying “Discipline beats motivation”. This reminds the clients that motivation comes and goes, but they need to focus on building that discipline. When life gets busy and obstacles come up, discipline will still take them to the gym and help them stay on track with their diet.

Mistakes turn to life lessons

Greg knew he was passionate about bodybuilding and gym ownership ever since he was a teenager. While Hidden Gym has multiple locations now and is a very successful business, Greg’s business journey hasn’t always been easy.

He used to have partners that were older and more experienced than him, so he trusted them with the important decisions, ignoring his own opinion. However, somebody’s experience is never a guarantee for success. Eventually, the business started hitting roadblock after roadblock and Greg had to make the hard decision to leave everything he was working on for the past 10 years.

Even though it was difficult, he trusted God’s plan and took a year off from business, where he only trained clients. When a new opportunity to buy a gym came, he was ready to go for it and this is how Greg and his wife created Hidden Gym.

As Valerie said,

“There are times in our life when things happen and we can only turn to two places – up or in. I think you made the point that turning in isn’t always going to work out but turning up will always take you through.”

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with

Another important topic that Greg and Valerie cover in the podcast is the importance of choosing your surroundings wisely.

Greg took some time to reflect on that and thought about the last 10 years of his life and career. He noticed that the year he had the best results on stage was also the year he was spending most of his time training pro bodybuilders; the year he was spending more time with his friends of faith, his life felt better aligned spiritually; the year he was around the wrong business partners he noticed that some negative qualities started coming out.

After doing this exercise, he chose the top 5 people that had a good influence on his life and invited them for lunch, one at a time. He told them that he’d like to see them more often from now on and that they can learn from each other.

This simple exercise is a great leadership lesson for everyone looking for a way to become a better version of themselves.

If you want to learn more about leadership, discipline, and taking action definitely listen to the full episode of Doing it right! The conversation between Valerie and Greg is beyond interesting and it will definitely leave you inspired with new ideas.

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