Boxing Workouts for Massive Calorie Burn

Boxing Workouts for Massive Calorie Burn

Boxing Workouts for Massive Calorie Burn

People, who go to the gym, are constantly looking for ways to burn more and more calories. When you put effort in something regularly, you want to make this effort count and get the most of it. Burning tons of calories during your workout helps you expand your limits, speeds up the fat loss process and makes you feel proud of yourself. There are many things that you can do to increase your energy expenditure, such as switching between cardio and weight training, working out in the morning before breakfast, HIIT and/or Tabata workouts… The options are endless but have you ever considered boxing classes? Even if you have never done any martial arts before, the chances to love boxing are very high, if you decide to try it.

Boxing is a very interesting and complex sport. While it looks like people are just punching each other and they are only using their hands, there is a lot more going on. Boxing is a full body activity and the major muscles involved are the muscles of the shoulder girdle, the core muscles, the muscles of the upper legs and hips, and the muscles of the neck and trapezius. Furthermore, boxing is definitely a brain game as well and it trains your focus. Boxing teaches you to plan your moves ahead and analyze your opponent by observing their behavior, patterns, strengths and weaknesses. It is a tough workout but the more challenging your training is, the greater the satisfaction after completing it is.

Why boxing workouts ensure massive calorie burn?

  • Boxing is a form of interval workout. Interval trainings, such as HIIT and Tabata, are powerful metabolism boosters, which help you burn more calories at rest. A high metabolic rate also gives you more energy and helps you feel better. In boxing, the activity is somewhat similar to HIIT but the intervals are longer.  Apart from the time you spend to learn the technique of the movements, you often work for 3 minutes (this is the normal length of a boxing round) and rest for 1 minute, which makes boxing a tough interval training. Research studies reveal that individuals, who perform interval trainings, can burn 25-30% more calories, compared to other forms of physical activity. (1)
  • Boxing is a high impact cardio workout. Boxing offers a more significant calorie burn than other types of cardiovascular exercises, due to its complexity. Cardio stables such as biking, running or climbing stairs, are all great but they do not involve multitasking and the loading there remains the same. You can easily get distracted with different thoughts while performing such activity because the movements are repetitive. However, boxing requires sharp focus and 100% effort in every move. You constantly need to think about the combination you are working on, your technique, your opponent moves, your breathing, your footwork and all of this while actually performing. Of course, the more you do it, the more automatic and natural everything would be, but you will always have to be completely dedicated to the workout.
  • Boxing engages the whole body. As mentioned earlier, boxing is not just about punching. There is also footwork, head movements and defensive techniques. Boxers practice exercises and workout plans that develop speed, power, explosiveness and endurance. Furthermore, most of the muscles used in boxing are fast twitch muscle fibers, which are usually neglected in traditional workouts, but training them consistently can take your power and explosion to the next level. When your goal is weight loss, workouts that include the whole body are a lot more effective. Involving more muscle groups in high intensity load burns significantly more calories than focusing only on a few.
  • Boxing helps you build lean muscle. It is a well-known fact that the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn. The movements in boxing, as well as the exercises in a typical boxing workout, ensure muscle growth. Boxing is a challenging sport and this triggers your body to gain lean muscle in order to be able to adapt to the heavy trainings. Wearing the boxing gloves for an hour/hour and a half also helps to build more strength and muscle, while making your arms and shoulders a lot more enduring.

Boxing ultimately helps you burn decent amount of calories but it also makes you a better athlete. With the constant shadow boxing, punching of a speed bag, jumping rope, resistance training, sparring, defense techniques and footwork, you would not need anything else to achieve the results you desire. If you are tired of the same cardio and weight trainings, and if you like being challenged, boxing could be the right choice for you!

You might be thinking that you are not fit enough to join a boxing class, or that you can only start such difficult sport at early age, but you should just free your mind from limiting beliefs. The truth is that the right time to start is always now and it is never too late or too early to try something different.

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