Avoid These 3 Shoulder Training Mistakes

Have you been putting in tireless effort into growing your shoulders with little to no return? If you just bowed your head in shame and whispered “yes”, then this article is for you! In my coaching opinion, deltoid training is something that is typically way over thought. More often than not we see bro’s at the gym shaking violently trying to hit their 2nd rep with the 150 pound dumbbells, without the size to back it up. If you want boulder shoulders that are worthy of an olympia title, take note of the following 3 most common mistakes that you need to avoid while training shoulders!

1) Training Too Heavy

Isn’t training heavy good for growth though? Yes, it absolutely is. However, quality beats quantity every single time in bodybuilding. In the words of the late Dallas

McCarver, “Outgrow Your Ego”. Truer words have never been spoken, especially concerning shoulder training! Way too often I see guys going for the 130’s, using fast tempos, a small range of motion, and undershooting big time on much needed volume. Use a weight that you can control through a full range of motion, while focusing on full contraction each and every rep. Don’t rob yourself of quality reps for the sake of your ego.

2) No Variety

With deltoids being a relatively small muscle group, at least when compared to the pecs or lats, we are presented with a very fun training opportunity. Why? With shoulder training, the angles at which we are able to train each delt head are truly limitless! The issue here is that not many take advantage of this variation. Rather they are obsessed with shoulder press after shoulder press variation, yet find themselves stuck and scratching their heads as to why their shoulders will not grow. Be sure to include variation in your shoulder training not just in exercises, but also in the angles in which the exercises are performed.

3) No Pull for the Push

Ever seen that one guy at the gym with huge front delts and maybe even some decent lateral development but it looks like someone surgically removed his rear delts? Yeah, me too. This mistake is perhaps the most direct and in my opinion provides the greatest detriment in overall shoulder development. Each time you find yourself using a pushing motion, you should be matching it with a pull – yes, this even applies to shoulder training. Be spreading out the training evenly, or even giving some extra attention to your rear delts if you are lacking there, and watch as your shoulders go from scrawny to brawny!

Now quit reading, and go get some boulder shoulders!

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