Authenticity as a Fitness Influencer ft. Tawna Eubanks McCoy

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an IFBB professional competitor, fitness model and influencer? Do you want to find out what it takes to get there and where to start? Well, search no more!

In the fourth episode of Real McCoy Radio, the guest is someone who has accomplished all of this and is here to share her experience and knowledge: the host’s wife Tawna Eubanks McCoy.

Tawna is never busy with only one thing – she has learnt that there are ways to create many different business opportunities in the bodybuilding and fitness world, as long as you work hard and think like an entrepreneur. Tawna is responsible for the branding of Hidden Gym, provides online training and posing classes for bikini competitors, and she is a professional athlete sponsored by a few different companies.

You might be wondering how it is possible to be efficient, while doing so many things at the same time? Well, the truth is that as long as you are passionate about your work, nothing feels like a chore. This is why you should be sure you are on the right path when making career choices.

This is always easier said than done and everybody might make a wrong choice at some point of their lives. In the beginning of her career, Tawna wanted to be a fitness model and when a popular magazine offered her a gig, she took the chance without any doubt.

For good or bad, this was a disappointment. The fitness modeling that she dreamed of, ever since she was a child, was not what she expected. Her flight ticket to get to the shooting turned out more expensive than her check at the end.

However, Tawna learnt a valuable lesson.

She found out that you hardly can make a living from being on stage or on the cover of a magazine. These positions have many benefits but not a direct exchange of money. Learning how to leverage these positions brings more income than the positions themselves – such as providing posing classes, online training programs, getting paid by companies as a representative, and so on.

Another wild-spread misconception is that turning pro as an athlete is what makes you successful and brings higher income. Tawna shares that in this business is never about turning pro; it is about presenting well and finding sponsors who like your work. Many people who don’t turn pro get better sponsorships, so how you present is what matters most.

It is a long road to authenticity as a fitness influencer and sometimes it can get confusing. This is why Greg asked Tawna some of the most frequently asked questions, which can help you get started or improve some aspects of your career.

G.M: What advice would you give for fitness pros that want to increase their social media effectiveness?

T.M:  Just being real, open and honest about everything. I think that is really what followers are going to want to look for, especially in the fitness world. They don’t want anything fake, they want to know, legit, they’re here to make a difference in themselves or change their lives. Make sure you create good quality content, something that they’re going to want to come back to.

People follow you to learn for themselves. For example, when you post workout videos,  provide detailed information with dos and don’ts, and with clear explanations, instead of just posting the video.

G.M: How does somebody attract sponsors, affiliate opportunities, or paid post opportunities?

T.M.: Again, I’m super adamant on just being you, being natural and real. Being creative and not relying on the company to do stuff for you is important. They need somebody to push the company in another area and represent them.

G.M: How do you feel about people copying your content?

T.M: It drives me up the wall. I think about it. Like, this is something that I thought of, that I created. I had this vision, I saw this.I put it all together and then like, pop, there it is – all in one little shot. I mean, that’s plagiarism.

G.M: What advice do you give to folks who want to do fitness full time?

T.M: You need to know that there’s gonna be some ups and downs and you need to be ready for that. Make sure that you have some money set aside and a game plan.

If you want to listen to the whole interview and learn many other important tips, you can click here.

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