Amari Cooper: Precision and Power

Spend some time at Hidden Gym and you might see one of several NFL players working out, making the most of the state-of-the-art facilities and expert trainers. Among them is Amari Cooper, renowned wide receiver and former Dallas Cowboy.

Amari Cooper with Boxing Coach Tony Mack and fellow NFL Athletes Dwayne Eskridge and Elijah Moore

High School Career

Cooper’s football foundation was forged under the close eye of coach Billy Rolle, at Miami Northwestern Senior High School in Miami, Florida, where his skills as a wide receiver earned him a solid reputation as one of the best high school players in the country. He suffered a knee injury in his junior year and still managed 16 catches for 175 yards and four touchdowns. He and future NFL quarterback Teddy Bridgewater were teammates during high school, and honed each other’s skills as they both became noteworthy players to watch. By the end of high school, Cooper was ranked the 6th best wide receiver and 46th overall player by ESPNU.

He went from there to the University of Alabama, looking to improve his skills within their prestigious football program.

College Career

He joined the Crimson Tide at the University of Alabama, under head coach Nick Saban from 2012 to 2014. Even as a freshman, Cooper made his mark, but his breakout year was 2014, when he achieved 124 receptions, and took 1,727 receiving yards in a single season – breaking school records on both counts and icing the cake with 11 touchdowns. In his sophomore and junior years he became Alabama’s all-time leader in receptions (228), receiving yards (3,463), and receiving touchdowns (31).

He finished third in the running for the Heisman Trophy which, for a wide receiver, is a rare and impressive achievement. He also won the Biletnikoff Award, given to the nation’s top receiver.

His college career ended when he entered the NFL Draft in 2015.

Amari Cooper with Boxing Coach Tony Mack and Dallas Cowboy Micah Parsons

Professional Career

He was selected fourth overall in the 2015 Draft and took on his first pro role as one of the Oakland Raiders (now the Las Vegas Raiders). He took more than a thousand receiving yards in his rookie season and earned a place in the Pro Bowl. He stayed with the Raiders until the middle of the 2018 season when he was traded to the Dallas Cowboys.

With the Cowboys, Cooper earned multiple Pro Bowl selections and helping to move the team toward its playoff ambitions. He stayed with Dallas until 2021, when he was traded to the Cleveland Browns.

As a wide receiver for the Browns, has shown impressive performance. In the 2023 NFL season, he played 15 games, recording 72 receptions for 1,250 yards, averaging 17.4 yards per catch, and scored 5 touchdowns. His longest reception was a whopping 75 yards.

His career stats include 667 receptions for 9486 yards and 60 touchdowns, showing his profound impact as a wide receiver. He also has experience in rushing, returning punts, and even one passing attempt in his NFL career.

His high level of performance continues, and he is a great example of what it means to be a hard-working, dedicated player making the most of his natural talent and hard training.

Beyond the Field

Off of the football field, Cooper hosts youth football camps, participates in charity events, and gives of his time and money to help his community. He’s an education advocate, highlighting the high value he puts on education – despite being a football star. He enjoys art and literature, reads in his spare time, and develops his mind as well as his body.

He is more than just a football player alone, and in both arenas, on and off the field, it is a blending of precision and power that seems to underpin it all.


Cooper is known for his precise route running, reliable hands, and the mental acuity to make crucial plays in crucial moments. A lot of this stems from a natural talent and deep understanding of the game, but that natural talent will only take an athlete so far. It’s the strategic, expert training and nurturing of that talent that turns it into something great enough to join the level of play the NFL demands – and its fans love.

Perhaps this ability to make decisions under pressure is improved by his love of chess. He considers the game a way to sharpen his strategic thinking and mental discipline, both on the field and off of it.


That trained precision only does so much on its own, too. Without the powerhouse that a honed body provides, that precision would be squashed on the field. Building muscle mass, quick-twitch explosive power, and a body used to being pushed past its comfortable limits – this is the other side of the pro player’s coin.

This is true of the mind of an elite athlete as well. The mental power required to push through a hard workout, to drive the body to new achievements – and repeated exhaustion – over and over again… this requires a powerful mind, too. Chess and boxing are both ways to increase mental power, too.

Bringing These Together

Cooper trains at T Mack Elite Training at Hidden Gym as part of his continued efforts to build his precision and power on the field. Part of this training takes place with elite boxing coach Tony Mack, a leading expert in the Sweet Science, and a man well acquainted with marrying sudden, explosive power with precision and mental control.

Cooper’s journey from high school underdog to NFL star showcases his resilience, skill, and determination, making him a standout player in the league​​​​​​. His determination, dedication, and willingness to develop both body and mind make him a great fit here at Hidden Gym.

We believe in training the whole athlete, and doing so to elite levels, whether that athlete is a pro, an amateur with gold medals in their sight, or simply someone who wants to get the best from themselves. At Hidden Gym we are not concerned with the level our athletes come in with; we’re here to help you achieve the goals of where you want to be.

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