A Life in Fitness ft. Larry North

On the ninth episode of Real McCoy Radio, host Greg McCoy brought in the fitness icon Larry North.

Larry has been in the fitness industry for over thirty years and has transformed his love to fitness into multiple successful business ventures, including his own line of gyms, a health-conscious restaurant, nationally-aired infomercial, and a best-selling book.

He and Greg discuss gym ownership, how fitness has changed over the years, and how people’s goals develop as they age.

Lary has built a tremendous career and achieved his most ambitious goals without having a capital, or a plan at the beginning. All he had was his will to succeed and the support of a few people that believed in him.

In most cases, these things are enough when you are ready to give everything you have. Larry can say now that he made all of his dreams come true but the path was not smooth and easy.

Here are a few questions Larry answered that might inspire and motivate you to keep grinding.

G.M: What piece of advice do you have for that person, who wants to open a gym one day?

L.N: They should know that it’s not only about being the first to turn on the light and the last to turn it off.

It’s not always what you think it is. You’re also the last to get paid and to take days off. You should decide what you want to do in life and how much money you want to make. Make sure that this is what you want to do.

I think it would have been an easier question to answer 30 or 20 years ago. Now, you have to be able to raise more capital because everything is expensive.

G.M: There will always be gyms for sale. There’s always going to be equipment. There’s always going to be someone with money. What do you think is the differentiator so someone can have success in this business?

L.N: Well, here’s what I would do. If I were starting all over, I would do what you’re doing right now. I would have a podcast, I’d have cameras, I would just immerse myself in social media. I would also go and be a low cost producer.

The world’s changed. The younger generation likes  teams, competition, and the sense of community. That’s what people are looking for.

Understanding this really can make a difference in your business.

G.M: How does someone accomplish everything they want? I’m always interested in how mega successful people just spend their day.  What does your typical day look like now? What was your typical day when you had the most amount of gyms open?

L.N: I believe that persistence, perseverance, and work ethic can take you further than anything else. Nothing can beat that.

My peak was when I had a gym in South Beach, a gym in  Houston, and six gyms in the area. I had big gyms, small gyms, and books that were out. I had a golden award winning infomercial. I had a hot restaurant. I was on the move. I was trapped. I was a speaker too.

So, my days then were full of adrenaline. I couldn’t wait to wake up. I was always wondering what new thing I can do today. I believed I could do anything I put my head into. And I did.

Now, I am an older person. I focus more on my relationships with people that are meaningful.

On a typical day now, I get breakfast, work out, do a little cardio. I take notes. I have the easiest schedule and I don’t think I remember the last time I worked.

G.M: In one of the interviews I was watching with you, you said that you liked to study the great minds of our time, and some of their greatest accomplishments in the later parts of their lives. So, what is on Larry North’s agenda?

L.N: For me, it’s just enjoying life and going a little bit more inward. Finding out things about myself.

I am not big on awards, but I did win an award last year based on the desire to keep learning.

One thing you learn is that there’s no end game. When you enter your 50s, you really start learning more about yourself that you might have not been aware of, or been in denial. So,  I’m just learning how to be a better person, and do better things in a different way other than in the fitness industry.

For more inspiration, listen to the whole episode here.

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