5 Signs You Should Self Manage Your Fitness Amenity

Hiring a third-party fitness management company comes with a cost. Maybe you’re better off self-managing! It’s about time to set 2023 budgets, here are 5 signs that can help you decide how to allocate your funds to either manage your fitness amenity internally or with the help of a Fitness Management Company.

1. Your team has extra time – If you’re considering self managing or you’ve recently parted ways with a management company you’re likely considering passing off the duties to someone internally. If you and your team have additional band-width to work on the daily operations of a fitness amenity, then you might be better off with this solution.

2. Managing the amenity is in line with your core business – you’re likely familiar with the quote “Keep the main thing, the main thing.” If managing this type of amenity is in your company’s wheelhouse, then it’s probably a good decision to self manage.

3. You have a strong network of Fitness Professionals – If your network includes trainers, group exercise instructors, equipment repair contacts, equipment preventative maintenance contacts, fitness center savvy cleaning teams, fitness center hardware and software companies, and fitness app developers then you might be a great candidate for self management.

4. You have a pulse on what members want to see in their gym – Fitness results are earned by doing the basics, over and over and over again. However, trends get members in the door. If you eat, sleep & breathe fitness and have a good idea about what your members are going to want to see this year and over the next 5 years, then you are in a great position to self manage and keep member experience high!

5. You have access to good programming – The new Cowboys Stadium, aka Jerry World, is an amazing work of architecture. However – the events and programming is what drives people through the door. “If you build it, they will come” is not advice for fitness centers. If you have access to great programming like yoga, boot camps, app-based workouts, and healthy diet education then you will be able to keep your members and tenants engaged and using the amenity you invested in. You’re likely a good candidate to self manage!

If these 5 signs don’t describe you, you might consider reaching out to [Hidden Gym] to manage your fitness amenity.

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