5 Pieces of unique equipment you should be using

5 Pieces of unique equipment you should be using

People associate working out in a fitness gym with lifting weights, using machines and running on a treadmill. While all those things are great, it is always a good idea to spice up your workout with something different and more challenging. This is not too difficult, since the gym is usually fully stored with many interesting pieces of equipment. Unfortunately, some of them might be underrated because more popular exercises and machines get all the attention. However, if you are willing to try some different types of exercise, here is a list of 5 pieces of unique of equipment that will take your fitness game to the next level.

  1. Battle Rope – Boxers’ and Martial Artists’ favorite exercise. If you are looking for a way to develop more explosiveness, overall endurance, conditioning and stability, include battle rope exercises in your workout. You can do countless exercises with them like slams, half waves, upper cuts, squats and waves, jumping jacks, lateral waves and many others. If you are more advanced you can even do crazy things like battle rope slam push ups, jumping slam, alternate side lunge waves, etc. Exercises like these work on every muscle of your body, burn tons of calories, make you stronger, more focused, and are definitely never boring.
  2. Ski Erg – this amazing machine offers a full-body, low-impact workout, based on the sport of Nordic Skiing. The goal is to create smooth and continuous motion and when done properly, the Ski Erg hits the quads hamstrings, glutes, lower back, calves, lats, triceps, abdominals, pecs and biceps. The machine operates with a flywheel, which provides a lot of control over the resistance and intensity. The Ski Erg is also a nice workout itself that increases your speed and stamina, and helps you develop more power. Give it a try next time when you are up for a different type of cardio, use it as a warm up before a workout, or to burn out the back and arms after a weight training.
  3. Climbing rope – often seen as a game for children, rope climbing is one of the toughest full body exercises, which is also a great test for strength. This exercise helps you build an iron grip, improves stability, agility and coordination skills. Rope climbing is excellent for developing upper body strength and muscle endurance. It is definitely not easy, even for more advanced people. In the beginning, you can use techniques that also involve your feet, to make the exercise easier, and progressively start using them less. Climbing rope is a combination of cardio and strength training, which makes it a very effective total body workout.
  4. Prowler Sled – Sleds can be dragged forward, backward or laterally. This exercise builds insane speed and acceleration, works on your entire body and increases your heart rate, and metabolism. Sled trainings allow modifications (based on time, loading, intervals, etc), which makes it a perfect fit for many athletes. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve your conditioning and endurance, the prowler sled is surely something you want to include in your workout. Pushing the sled mimics the movement of running, but the resistance of the weight challenges the muscles in a different way and it does not stress the joints so much. When done at lower intensity, it is also a great way to increase blood flow to activate tissues for recovery purposes.
  5. Rowing Machine – One of the most complex machine exercises, where up to 85% of your muscles are involved! This makes it not only the perfect cardio training, but it also contributes to building strength, power and muscle size. Using the rower can benefit significantly your aerobic and anaerobic fitness, depending on the intensity you chose. Rowers usually have adjustable resistance. You can lower the resistance or row at a slower pace for a steady, aerobic workout, or you can do the opposite, for a killer anaerobic training. Rowing improves your endurance, stamina and speed and it is one of the most efficient machines for burning calories. It is also ideal for people with weak joints because it is a low-impact and non-weight training, performed while sitting down.

Fitness workouts are not meant to be the same every single time, neither should be boring. In order to be consistent with working out, your trainings must be challenging, interesting, fun and make you feel proud of yourself. Whether you prefer personal trainings, group trainings or working out with a friend, the time spent in the gym should be something you are looking forward to. Spice up your regular workouts with these unique pieces of equipment. Try out different things, experiment with the intensity and the length of your workout.  All of them could be used as “finishers” after a weight training, included in a HIIT routine, or performed separately.

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