5 Misconceptions About Boxing Training

[Hidden Gym] has a boxing ring for a reason. This unique sport has been a proving ground for some of the world’s greatest athletes for thousands of years, and the athleticism of most boxers doesn’t depend on their ability to take a punch, but their incredible conditioning. Still, most athletes who are eager to jump into sports like jiu-jitsu or powerlifting raise an eyebrow when boxing is mentioned.

There are many misconceptions about boxing training. Let’s talk about the 5 things that keep most people from stepping into the ring, and why you shouldn’t hesitate to make boxing your next big challenge. We’ll start with the big one:

  1. “I’m going to get punched in the face!”

    The thought of getting punched scares plenty of people away from boxing, and it’s smart to be wary of head trauma—but unless you’re aiming to compete regularly at a high level, getting socked should be the least of your concerns. The overwhelming majority of boxing training revolves around cardio, technique, explosiveness, and mental sharpness in the midst of fatigue.

  2. “It’s only for professional fighters.”

    Powerlifting isn’t only for professional powerlifters. Bodybuilding isn’t only for professional bodybuilders. Why should boxing only be for professional boxers? Boxing culture has deep roots in amateurism, and the overwhelming majority of talented boxers never go pro. It’s possible to get all the health benefits of boxing training without ever getting within a mile of a prize fight.

  3. “I’m not in good enough shape to box.”

    If you’ve ever seen a fight go 12 rounds, you know that NO ONE is in “good enough” shape to box. Boxing training is all about cardio, and just as importantly, the willpower and mental focus required to keep going with good technique when your muscles are burning and you’re out of breath. By nature, boxing training is incredible for weight loss as well, sharing many of the same principles as HIIT cardio without always feeling like a workout.

  4. “Boxing is for showboats.”

    A lot of casual spectators are put off by the gamesmanship and spectacle at the highest levels of professional boxing. Mayweather and Tyson may be some of the biggest names in sports, but most boxing isn’t about sponsored trunks and big personalities in a Vegas ring. Amateur boxing culture, even at the Olympic level, revolves around work ethic, camaraderie, and respect—values that you’ll find in spades at a good boxing gym.

  5. “I’m not mean enough to be a boxer.”

    There’s a misconception that boxers have a mean streak—an aggressive edge that helps them in the ring. In fact, boxing is a sport for all personalities, and like most martial sports, it puts plenty of emphasis on discipline and community. Some of the greatest boxers of all time have been introverted, gentle personalities outside the ring despite being feared inside the ring.

Boxing is one of the most intriguing, beneficial, and misunderstood sports in the world—and part of [Hidden] Gym’s mission is to change that perception. Featuring great boxing facilities and elite training from pro boxing coach Tony Mack, there’s no better place in DFW to begin your boxing journey. Get started with a boxing membership today!